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Design futures is a community of 4000+ HCD professionals. We are about connecting design thinkers and doers, exploring new technologies and sharing knowledge and best practices through engaging events.

why you ask?

The world is rapidly changing, and the pace of innovation and digital disruption is accelerating. We need design leaders, strategists and thinkers too dismantle these structures, and to dissect and solve some of our most complex problems. Our world needs more innovative thinkers and communicators; people with the knowledge and skills to design our future.

the organisers

Benjamin Dokter

Scott Harrison

our latest event

These days agencies don’t just create adverts. They come up with behaviour changing ideas used for products too. Damien Hashemi's presentation will take you through how agencies;
deconstruct a business problemfind insights that connect at a personal levelset up their creative teams to push past the obvious ideas and arrive at truly innovative ones.
All while being entertained with some award-winning work.


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Design Futures has a deep network of speakers and we are constantly on the hunt for new and engaging talks. Whether it's a new way of thinking, collaborating, or working, new design or research methodologies or new tools and systems we'd love hear from you. Our mission is to bring informative talks from leaders in the space, connect designers and share knowledge. If you have an idea or a talk you'd like to share please get in touch.

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